“When we combine forces we can achieve anything. Our strength lies in our community.”

Marie Schoenau

#Community #Communication #Organization
Marie is the community manager and community developer of sustainable natives eG.
She studied sustainability management and has experience working to help develop a series of successful start-ups.

Marie studied Sustainability Economics and Management and has been deeply engaged in Berlin’s green start-up scene. For several years, she worked for an urban farming start-up where she helped to develop processes and structures. Alongside this, as a freelancer she has organized meetups and conferences in the field of development cooperation and green start-ups, organized events and developed communication channels.
She wants to improve the world, but believes in sustainable development – rather than charity – which can be achieved through fairness, empowerment and the transformation of the economy.

Marie Schönau is not only a sustainable native but also a global native and speaks four languages fluently. Born in Cologne, she grew up in Frankfurt am Main and studied in deepest Bavaria and in the northernmost north. She also spent several years in South America and South Africa before finding her home in Berlin 8 years ago.
She loves bringing people together and believes in the power of combining forces. That’s why she is responsible for the community at sustainable natives, supporting them to always make the most of their collection of diverse skills.

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Circular Economy

All resources are valuable. How can we use them in manufacturing and utilization processes so that their value is retained for as long as possible?
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A culture based on shared core values, and lived by everyone, is the prerequisite for transformation to genuine sustainability.
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How do you tell your story? How do you involve your employees, customers and citizens? How do you apply input from your stakeholders for more inspiration and innovation?
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