The Business Case for Sustainability

As a company you should be asking yourself three questions: 

1. How will my current business model change in the next ten years?

2. What challenges will my company face as a result of changing markets and regulations?

3. What can my company do to create a more sustainable world?

Companies that set course for sustainable transformation are able to tap into new market potentials and through modernization and improved efficiency also become more resilient and independent.

– Sustainability means future viability and resilience –

Companies need to take an active role in shaping the transformation that’s needed, securing their future and opening up new business areas.

Sustainable transformation – for good reasons!

Your journey to sustainable transformation

If you’re now wondering how best to get started and what steps to take first, then we’re the right partner for you. We can help you find the answers to these questions and together develop a strategic vision for a sustainable future.

1. The analysis

From stakeholder analysis and double materiality analysis to performance analysis: we will uncover your sustainability potential and find out where your greatest potentials for sustainability lie.

Doing the right things: The building blocks of a sustainable corporate strategy

2. Big picture and corporate strategy

We will help you to sketch out the big picture and together we can develop your vision and mission. In our sprints, we explore how regenerative business is possible within planetary boundaries, like climate, resources and biodiversity, and can contribute to preserving life on this planet. On the basis of that, we will then move on to more concrete steps, exploring what exact challenges and opportunities await you and developing a corresponding business strategy together. Alongside this we will create a sustainability program architecture with short-, medium- and long-term targets and indicators. 

3. Sustainability program and implementation

The program architecture we will draw up includes concrete pathways and targets that will impact your key fields of action. By the end, you will have a strategic vision that will not only make you resilient as a company, but also expand your field of business and attract new partnerships and stakeholders, new customers and new, motivated employees. You will be able to position yourself as a pioneering company, able to meet upcoming national and international regulations with your commitment to sustainability.

“For consulting to be efficient, we need to work together honestly, in an agile way and on a level playing field.”

Our expertise: holistic, values-based and on a level playing field

We are drivers of your development. Our experienced strategy consultants have countless years of interdisciplinary experience and work together according to the principles of co-creation. We don’t work in silos or use outdated terminology. For consulting to be efficient, we need to work together honestly, in an agile way and on a level playing field. We will work to inspire both you and your staff members and ensure that you continue to be supported after the consultation ends – even if the regulations underlying your sustainability strategy are changed. 

Our work with our clients is:

A wide range of different companies have already gone on this journey with us. With the Malteser aid agency, we came up with a plan for how they could not only help millions of people, but also give a helping hand to the climate too. And for the environmental consultants at HPC, we developed a new strategy that took their internal and external communication to whole new level.

A strategy marks the start of your development into a sustainable company. Of course, strategy isn’t everything. But then again, without a strategy you have nothing at all.

Culture Sprint

Culture for Future – Your Sprint for Sustainable Culture Change

We show you how to successfully build a strong organizational culture and create structures that generate sustainable growth for the greatest possible strategic impact and long-term competitive advantage.
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Communication Strategy

Communication for Future – Your Path to Sustainability Communication

With lots of creativity and a clear focus on all of the impressive work you have already done, we communicate your sustainability strategy and successes. No greenwashing, guaranteed.
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Strategy Sprint

Strategy for Future – The Strategy Sprint for Sustainability

Our digitally supported sustainability analysis is the first important step in your journey of sustainable transformation. At the heart of the strategy sprint is the N-Kompass.
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