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Everybody’s talking about transformation.

So are we. Whether it’s in business or society – there’s no avoiding the issue of sustainable transformation. As a decision-maker, you are in the middle of a revolutionary change that is rapidly gaining momentum. Globalization, digitalization, sustainability and New Work are buzzwords of this new era.


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Where to start?


Become pioneers for sustainable change: With our combined entrepreneurial expertise, we will get you primed for effective transformation – beyond conventional thought patterns and disciplinary silos.

Together with you, step by step, we will design a goal-oriented program. We will bring together the strengths of your team, stakeholders and experts in the way that your project needs and can benefit from. In that way, it becomes a rewarding process at all levels and from beginning to end.

We have huge tasks ahead of us. Let’s get to work!

The future can’t be stopped.

Think colorful, disruptive, different. Ask what makes sense when faced by the world’s most urgent challenges. Find your clearly structured entry point to a new vision.

The sustainable natives combine the strengths of proven experts to create a holistic consultancy approach. Beyond conventional thought patterns and disciplinary silos. Supported by entrepreneurial expertise from every field. Equipped with comprehensive, sustainability-driven skills for effective transformation.

START 5P: Five perspectives towards a sustainable business

Really? Everything is connected to everything else

There’s more than one path that leads to sustainable transformation. 

In change situations, diverse demands and wishes compete for attention. Sound familiar? Designing a sustainable roadmap for a company is a fine art. We call it START – Sustainable Transformation ART. Five impact perspectives that are both complex and clear: People, Product, Process, Paradigm and Purpose.

START 5P is our own co-creation model, integrating all of the standard parameters and policies. Together with you we will embark on a journey of discovery: Which perspective will get your company up and running the fastest?

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Is there already enough support for sustainable change among your employees, customers and influencers?


We create sustainable prosperity for everyone who is connected to us.


  • Management & governance
  • Employees
  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Society and other stakeholders
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We work for products with a sustainable identity and are ambassadors for sustainable consumption.


Do your products have a real chance of still inspiring people in ten years’ time?


  • Business model & product strategies
  • Purpose & sustainable products
  • Product lifecycle
  • Product design
  • Marketing & sales
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Our processes have integrity. In our value chain there are no losers, only winners.


Are your processes equipped for a sustainable, digital transformation?


  • Leadership processes (management)
  • Core processes (value-adding processes)
  • Support functions (e.g. human resources, purchasing)
  • Product lifecycle
  • Quality assurance, audit & certificates

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We act according to agreed values that ensure sustainable business within planetary boundaries.


Can you trust that everyone on your team has the same understanding of values for the change process?


  • Vision, mission & goals
  • Value drivers and future trends
  • Organizational culture
  • Value cosmos
  • Approach to transformation
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Our corporate purpose makes a meaningful contribution to a vibrant future.


Do you know why it is important for employees, customers, society and the environment that your company exists?


  • Sense & meaning
  • Structure & transformation
  • Purpose & change
  • Partnership & trust
  • Social interaction,
    stakeholders and communication
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The Community

A cooperative for sustainable
business consulting

Because we love, what we do

We are a cooperatively organized consultancy for sustainable transformation that combines shared values with a clear business case. We chose this business form because it offers both stability and flexibility. And because it invites us to join forces across borders with numerous different key players.

Through co-creation with our clients and partners we find bold answers for a prosperous future and genuine impact. In that way we unite sustainable transformation with economic success. It’s our mission to take action for a livable future with courage, creativity and a will for change.

Our Team

Are you a sustainable native too?

If you’re an independent entrepreneur working in sustainability consultancy and believe you can achieve more in collaboration with others, then become a Friend of sustainable natives. Let’s work together with other members of the cooperative to drive forward sustainable transformation.

Under the common umbrella of the cooperative, we work together on a project basis while remaining 100 per cent independent
and at the same time benefit from the strength of the community. We are connected by shared values and trust.
We are continuously developing our structures in line with sociocratic principles.

With us, members are offered a place in a clearly defined and structured community, as well as at the same time, the freedom to
act independently as entrepreneurs.

Since our founding, we have been learning together and negotiating the rules that define our cooperative.

Our commitment: We walk the talk!


Case Studies

What does that look like in practice? Take a look at these case studies to get an idea of the kind of work that we do.

Helping for sustainability – Malteser

#strategy #stakeholders #climate
What does sustainability mean in the social sector and for the Malteser aid agency? Together we developed an understanding and a strategy with projects planned for the next three years.
Learn more

Commitment to sustainable action – Hünnebeck Deutschland GmbH

#strategy #futureperspectives #stakeholders
In 2018, together with Hünnebeck with started to systematically develop their corporate strategy in a holistic and sustainable way using the N-Kompass method.
Learn more

Communicating the now and what is to come

#communication #strategy
Who is actually behind HPC? Together we made the people and their stories visible. We also supported the company in repositioning itself sustainably and communicating this commitment to the outside world.
Learn more

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group work community

Culture Sprint

Culture for Future – Your Sprint for Sustainable Culture Change

We show you how to successfully build a strong organizational culture and create structures that generate sustainable growth for the greatest possible strategic impact and long-term competitive advantage.
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Lecture discussion round

Communication Strategy

Communication for Future – Your Path to Sustainability Communication

With lots of creativity and a clear focus on all of the impressive work you have already done, we communicate your sustainability strategy and successes. No greenwashing, guaranteed.
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Pulling together

Strategy Sprint

Strategy for Future – The Strategy Sprint for Sustainability

Our digitally supported sustainability analysis is the first important step in your journey of sustainable transformation. At the heart of the strategy sprint is the N-Kompass.
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