“We have the chance to build a better world. More loving, more fun, more sensitive and more artistic than has ever been possible before. But for that, we have to get in the ring ourselves, start it ourselves, shape it ourselves.”

Günter Faltin

monika schubert

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Monika supports managers, teams and companies to successfully initiate and sustainably shape transformation processes and cultural change. In projects, she takes on the role of coach, consultant and trainer.

For over 20 years she has been advising and coaching top decision-makers, managing directors and board members on personal development and value-oriented leadership.
As a certified consultant of the Barrett Values Centre, she conducts values assessments in organizations and advises entrepreneurs and management on how to shape change processes and cultural change.

Monika Schubert is a lecturer at numerous universities and, as a project manager and coach, holds workshops on topics such as leadership, presence & impact, future mindset, values, vision, purpose, team development and value-based management.

She empowers leaders and teams to turn their potential into action, to join forces, to overcome boundaries and to take innovative courses of action.

As a former actor, Monika uses successful strategies from the artistic avant-garde to implement personal and corporate change processes humorously and effectively and to use findings in an out-of-the-box way.

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Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie entwickeln

Die Zukunft ist gestaltbar! Eine nachhaltige Unternehmensstrategie zeichnet den Pfad in eine prosperierende Zukunft, in der es nur Gewinner*innen gibt. Bringt Euer Unternehmen auf Zukunftskurs! Ganzheitlich, wesentlich und wirkungsorientiert.
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Kulturentwicklung im Unternehmen

Als Organisation Eure Produkte und Prozesse zu transformieren bedeutet auch, Eure Kultur neu aufzustellen. Transformation gibt es nur durch proaktives Zusammenarbeiten, vorbildhaftes Leadership und Verbundenheit durch gemeinsame Werte.
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sn Web-Seminar: CSRD & ESRS Teil 1

Die wichtigsten Fakten, ein pragmatischer Umsetzungsprozess & konkrete Schritte zur Durchführung der doppelten Wesentlichkeit
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