“You can’t change the wind, but you can change the sails.”

Sabine Lipski

#Futureleadership #sustainable corporate culture #healthy organizational development
Sabine supports change processes in companies and organizations and is involved in everything related to intrinsic motivation and (self-)leadership. She is particularly at home in the role of executive coach, working in team development and in the facilitation of participation processes.

Sabine has an engineering background, and looks back on a 20-year career in that field. She has been working as a freelance coach and systemic organizational consultant for the past 10 years. Together with managers and employees, she designs holistic organizational, team development and change processes in the context of digital and agile transformation. She helps to bring structure into chaos and to identify the essential.

Sabine Lipski accompanies leadership, recruiting, corporate succession, merger and strategy processes. One special feature of her work is the way she draws from the power of nature to support change processes: In the mountains, on the water or even in the city park, all senses are stimulated and processes come into flow. Unusual situations in unfamiliar surroundings soon reveal people’s full range of individual skills – along with their strengths and limitations.

The topic of sustainability has always been a part of Sabine Lipski’s life: in her studies, in her engineering work in the context of renewable energies and sustainable water management, in the focus of her freelance work – in her life.

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We can shape the future! Sustainable corporate strategies lead to a thriving future where everyone wins. Get your company on course for the future. Holistic, relevant and impact-oriented.
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How do you tell your story? How do you involve your employees, customers and citizens? How do you apply input from your stakeholders for more inspiration and innovation?
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