“The cracks are where the light gets in. If you can increase the number of options available with every decision you make, you can shape a meaningful future.”

Julia Meuser

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Julia is an expert in organizational learning and the development of learning, development and coaching programs that kick-start development and change in organizations at all levels. In projects she takes on conception, communication and project management, supports as an expert in learning design and designs and leads creative processes for innovation and development with individuals and teams.

Julia Meuser is co-founder and owner of nRole-Akademie und Agentur für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften (nRole Academy and Agency for Sustainable Business) in Hamburg. She has been working as a trainer, coach and consultant since 2017. As a coach and trainer she focuses on sustainable leadership for diversity, creativity and responsibility.

She supports companies and organizations to design learning and development programs for sustainable leadership and business, and develops learning activities and didactic concepts for learning journeys – from classic workshops to hybrid (e-)learning formats.

As a qualified lawyer and trained mentor, coach and yoga and meditation teacher, with 26 years of practical experience in knowledge and business development and as an L&D and HR executive, she brings a wide range of competences to the table. Her focus is on the possibilities for creative future solutions that lie at the edges of old processes and habits, ready to be discovered.

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A culture based on shared core values, and lived by everyone, is the prerequisite for transformation to genuine sustainability.
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How do you tell your story? How do you involve your employees, customers and citizens? How do you apply input from your stakeholders for more inspiration and innovation?
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