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Fabian Gunkel

#Corporatemanagement #Strategy #Businessdevelopment
After studying political science, Fabian worked for many years in the e-commerce sector, taking on a variety of roles and learning about management from many different perspectives. 

In 2019, he decided to seek out challenges that directly create social value and looked to take on a role in the field of social economy and social innovation. 

Since 2022, he has been dedicated to helping sustainable natives grow and thrive. His goal with the sustainable natives is to play an active role in the process of sustainable transformation.

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We can shape the future! Sustainable corporate strategies lead to a thriving future where everyone wins. Get your company on course for the future. Holistic, relevant and impact-oriented.
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A culture based on shared core values, and lived by everyone, is the prerequisite for transformation to genuine sustainability.
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How do you tell your story? How do you involve your employees, customers and citizens? How do you apply input from your stakeholders for more inspiration and innovation?
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