“Since we are bankrupt in terms of our remaining CO2 budget, we need to think radically and together if we want to experience an early renewable and livable future.”


Carsten’s expertise is in climate assessments and strategies, including SBT, as well as energy efficiency for industrial clients.

In projects, he takes on leadership and coordination roles.

Carsten is a consultant, knowledge broker and designer on the core issues of CO2 reduction and energy efficiency in industry, commerce and buildings.
His work focuses on the UN’s sustainability goals. His expertise ranges from climate assessments and strategies to the development and implementation of emissions reduction, efficiency and sufficiency measures.

His work and activities are informed by over 28 years of professional experience in Germany and internationally in the holistic planning of buildings and in strategic and technical climate strategy and energy efficiency consulting.

Carsten Ernst recommends thinking about climate change prevention and sustainability from the end point: How will my actions today contribute to a livable future tomorrow?

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We can shape the future! Sustainable corporate strategies lead to a thriving future where everyone wins. Get your company on course for the future. Holistic, relevant and impact-oriented.
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