Becoming futureproof

Hünnebeck is one of the leading companies in the formwork, scaffolding and safety systems market segment and a key player in the construction industry, an industry which contributes significantly to global greenhouse gas emissions and resource consumption. In 2018, Hünnebeck decided to systematically develop its corporate strategy into a holistic sustainable corporate strategy. The aim is to thus consolidate the future viability of the company’s business model in terms of a circular model for durable, resource-saving formwork, scaffolding and safety systems, to focus on occupational safety and to futureproof jobs.


Three dimensions of sustainability

In restructuring its corporate strategy for more sustainability, Hünnebeck has relied on the N-Kompass method, which enables a holistic analysis through the three dimensions of sustainability with ten central areas of action and four overarching areas of sustainability management and covers all criteria of the German Sustainability Code. Other sector-specific standards (LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, GSV) were used for strategy development. In addition, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations were used as a reference framework to derive and further develop the strategic corporate goals.


Materiality analysis

In spring 2018, Hünnebeck, with the support of sustainable natives, conducted a stakeholder-based materiality analysis in line with the N-Kompass method in order to develop a strategy with clear priorities and focal points. This allowed them to define essential fields of action, develop measures and set out concrete goals. In addition to overarching strategic management topics, which are systematically expanded to include sustainability perspectives, “Strategic Sustainability at Hünnebeck” addresses various areas of action in the three dimensions of sustainability.

Strategy development

In 2018 and 2019, an interdisciplinary sustainable natives team supported Hünnebeck in its strategy development. In addition to his expertise in sustainability management, Stephan Bohle brings in-depth knowledge of the real estate and construction industry. Matthias Kannegiesser also has many years of experience as a management consultant and expert in sustainability management. Andrea Meier acted as N-Kompass consultant and, as project manager, guided the team and the client through the process. Hünnebeck was also one of the first companies in the construction and real estate sector to engage with an impact system, which sustainable natives developed for the company together with impact expert Sarah Ulrich.

Sustainability statement

In December 2019, Hünnebeck published its first sustainability statement in Germany in the database of the German Sustainability Code (DNK) and received the DNK seal. The company is thus recognized as making a commitment to align its actions and business activities in accordance with the 20 defined DNK criteria in ecological, economic and social terms.



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Press release on “Sustainability at Hünnebeck”. Press release on “Sustainability at Hünnebeck”. The press release was sent to relevant media outlets by Babette Haas | Head of Marketing/PR on 10.12.2019 to announce the DNK publication.